January 2015 club night – notes

Wow! Last night was so hectic I didn’t get the chance to address the club. So, sorry about that, but you can read all of the important stuff below. As ever, the best place to keep fully up-to-date is on the club website www.derbyam.org.uk

The most important topic is that there will be some disruption to our regular monthly club nights. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep fully updated on the changes – I will ensure you are all notified in good time, and the calendar will be updated regularly to show the changes.

  • A very warm welcome to the first club night of the 2015
  • Thank you to Gordon for organising the Xmas dinner
  • February 2015 club night – bring and buy sale
  • March 2015 club night – AGM
  • Future club nights in March, April and May 2015 will be disrupted, in that the dates will change slightly. I will keep you all fully informed nearer the time
  • IAM appoints Sarah Sillars as new CEO
  • Your committee members will shortly be using official DAM email addresses only. There will be no more use of personal email addresses for IAM business. Please keep a look out for these changes in your email folders
  • The club has a small number of video cameras available that you can mount of your machine. If you are interested, please contact Mick Ford damtreasurer@derbyam.org.uk
  • Any club night guest ideas to me please
Updated: 22nd January 2015 — 09:19