Committee “Gossip”

Committee "Gossip"

The following came out of the Committee meeting on the 21st January 2019


  • Moving club night venue & club night ride during June July and August to be trialed

  • 2018 we had 19 passes with 3 firsts 100% pass rate

  • We have used 13 of the additional 16 subsidies issued by DCC. so thats a total of 29 for the year.

  • Agreed that a newsletter would be worthwhile summarising the activities of the club. It is likely this will be quarterly

  • Andy Adlington (DCC) has asked DAM to help promote their 2019 campaign. We will feature on the back of the safety campaign flyers

  • Position of chair will be vacant as Pete MacRorie is standing down. Amanda Nixon and Dave McGregor will stand again for their current roles.