Ride Rules

Ride Rules

The Derbyshire Advanced Motorcycle club are serious about riding safely and the guidelines provided by IAM RoadSmart are what we follow. Click the button for the guidelines  “Group Organised Rides”.

All rides are graded too… our traffic light system should help.

Grade For Who Description
Green Rag

All members Suitable for all members and is associate friendly

Ride out could be anything up to 3 or 4 hours.

Example ride-out: chip shop run
Amber Rag

Full members More progressive and expect some twisties

Example ride-out: coast to coast or an adventure lasting a couple of days
Red Rag

Confident and experianced members Technical ride which can vary in duration.

Typically 4+ hours

Example ride-out: Peaks Oil Can ride-out

 Ride-outs use the “Drop-off” system unless advise otherwise. You need to be familiar with them. Click the button for more information.