Meet the team

Meet the team

Richard Clauson

Chairman - Richard Clauson

I've been riding motorcycles for over 40 years, ever since getting fed up being stuck in traffic driving the 2 or so miles across a city to work each day, and realising riding a bike was quicker. After doing my basic training with the local RAC/ACU Scheme I became an Instructor, and then at the end of the 1970s took my IAM test to help with that instructing. In the early 1980s a fellow RAC/ACU Instructor, a local Police Sargent, and I started the Essex Advanced Motorcyclists Group (EAMG) to capture the post-test bikers and guide them through the IAM test. I've been supporting advanced training ever since. After several job changes I ended up in Berkshire, and joined the Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists (TVAM) IAM group in the late 1990s. There I helped with the Events Team and the organising of the social side of the group/club, including being the webmaster for a few years. When I moved to Derbyshire from Berkshire in 2018 I looked for the local IAM motorcycle group, and on finding Derbyshire Advanced Motorcyclists (DAM) I joined as an ordinary member. In mid-2020 I became Acting Chair. I've also been a Blood Biker with Derbyshire Blood Bikes (DBB) for a couple of year, and before that was 5 years with SERV OBN (Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers, Oxon, Bucks, Berks, & N'hants).

Club Secretary - Steve Gough

Treasurer - Claire Atkinson

Membership Secretary - Steve Gough

Chief Observer - Pete MacRorie

Events Coordinator - (currently unfilled)

We are happy to receive any constructive ideas you might have for guest speakers at our club nights, or other activities you may wish to promote. Look forward to hearing from you!

Social Media - (currently unfilled)

General Member - (tbc)

General Member - (tbc)