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Frequently asked Questions

Each training session will be tailored to the individuals learning and base skills level. The training will be fun and informative.

How long is a piece of string? Maybe somewhere between 6 and 12 sessions. But bear in mind it’s not the time but the end quality of riding that’s foremost.

You will be allocated an observer near you and when you’re in contact you can both arrange a suitable place to meet.

Normally £10 for the observers fuel

You’ll be feeling more confident in the IAMs system and your observer will highlight when you’re approaching test readyness.

We will address your safety, forward observation, progress and restraint as well as any riding and handling issues you may have. All our observers are very experienced over many years and many skill sets.

As your club as well as training we do day ride outs, weekend rides, evening chippy rides, we also meet the 2nd Monday of the month for our regular club night.