Past Routes

Past Routes

Chip shop run to Longnor - DAM 1

IAM associate safe - Short run (35 miles) heading into the Peaks to Longnor, just outside of Buxton. The route takes in a mixture of A, B, C and if they exist "G" roads. Make your own way home!

Peaks run - DAM 3

Epic 140 mile route around the Peak district. Avoids the hot spots of Matlock, Bakewell and Buxton. Takes in Snake Pass. The roads vary considerably with open sweeping bends, tight twists, hairpins, steep climbs, even steeper decent and a couple of single track roads with grass and gravel in them. Suitable for most most bikes and cars.

Chip shop run to Leek - DAM 1

IAM associate safe - Short run and gentle run of 65 miles, heading out of Derbyshire into Staffordshire and back again. The route takes in a mixture of A and B roads. Travel through the south part of the Peaks, some of the moors and flatter farming land

Oil Can Cafe Peaks run - DAM 3

Start/end in Derby and avoid main towns. There are some really tricky roads with a couple of epic tight hairpins on steep inclines. Make sure your in the right gear or you'll fall off into a ditch. Destination: The Carding Shed, Washpit Mills, Green Lane, Holmfirth, HD9 2RD

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