About us

IAM Derbyshire Advanced Motorcyclists (DAM) is the largest advanced riding group in our area. We have around 100 active members and 16 qualified observers, many of whom are currently training to achieve the IMI National Observer Qualifications. Our group is about much more than training riders to the advanced standard. In addition to this activity, we also have regular group rides, monthly social meetings, skills days and regional competitions.

As the UK’s leading road safety charity, we bring over 50 years of experience, passion and understanding to help improve the skills and understanding of UK riders to create safer roads for everyone.

The freedom of riding your bike is one life’s great pleasures, and is something to be encouraged. But, regardless of whether you’re new to the bike, returning after a break or have many years experience, our advanced riding courses can make you a better rider and bring even greater enjoyment to your ride.

A passion for riding is a wonderful thing. Whether you’ve always had it, you’ve rediscovered it or you’re new to it, that passion is something to be embraced.

Advanced Riding is about taking that next step. Whether it’s about challenging your own standards or reassuring a loved one who struggles to share your enthusiasm, our Skill for Life programme can make you a better rider.

The programme teaches the five phases of advanced riding, commonly known as IPSGA; Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration, so regardless of whether you’re navigating country lanes, busy roads, or tackling the challenging British weather, you will have the skills and knowledge to remain confident and in control. Safety is a big part of the advanced riding programme, but it also encourages you to feel confident on the road, to make good progress, and to get even greater enjoyment from the experience.

From the volunteer observers, to regional groups and the members who have passed the advanced test, there are over 100,000 people from the UK (and beyond!) who help us make the roads a safer place.

We encourage all members to remain actively involved with the IAM after they’ve taken their Advanced riding test. Some members go on to play active roles in their local IAM group, others volunteer to become trained observers. Whatever the level of involvement, all members are equally important in contributing to the work we do.

Becoming part of the IAM, in whatever capacity, brings many benefits. From improving your riding skills, to enjoying the social side of our local group, or venturing on ride-outs with our biker groups, the IAM is about becoming a better, more considerate and efficient road user in an enjoyable environment.

If you wish to become an IAM member please click here.  Alternatively please contact our Group Secretary at membership@derbyam.org.uk, who will be able to advise whether we are currently able to offer you any subsidy to help you with the cost of your Training. Included in the price of our Skill for Life course is your DAM membership.  After you have passed your Course, continued Group Membership is only £15 per year, paid every January.

IAM Member Benefits

As a member of the IAM you are also entitled to a great range of specially negotiated benefits and exclusive offers to help you get the most from your car or motorbike, with the highlights being:

  • Insurance benefits: IAM Surety is a unique car insurance policy for our members. The scheme was voted the UK’s number 1 for value for money in the Auto Express Driver Power surveys in 2012 and 2013. This survey also mentions that customers only had good things to say about IAM Surety, telling us the provider was “very reputable” and praising the “good value and excellent service”. 97.4% would renew their current policy

But that’s not all…
In addition to big savings, IAM membership also offers you:

  • An award winning members’ magazine, Advanced Driving, three times a year, full of news, views, updates and offers for the motoring and biking enthusiast.
  • A range of IAM gift tokens and vouchers that make ideal Christmas and birthday presents for family and friends.
  • Access to several Skills Days held during the year, at specially negotiated rates. These popular and challenging events are a great opportunity to learn new techniques on and off-road and share your passion for driving and riding with fellow enthusiasts.
  • 15% discount at Bikestop Motorcycle Store, Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
  • Discount of 17.5% at National Tyres and Autocare. With 235 branches nationwide, there is sure to be one close to you!
  • 15% discount off ticket sales at Silverstone
  • Plus many more…!

Local Group Membership Benefit

Your £15 annual DAM subscription fee, which is payable by ALL members every January, gets you so much more than just simple membership of our club. You could:

  • Enjoy monthly social meetings in one of Derbyshire’s finest venues
  • Take part in group rides around the country
  • Partake in regional events and competitions
  • Access a wealth of experience from our group observers and life-long advanced riders
  • Develop your existing skills and take on another IAM challenge, such as the Masters
  • Join our team of Observers and work towards the IMI Local and National Observer qualification

Whatever you decide to do, the group values your membership and your committee will work very hard to deliver exactly what you want.

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