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You are invited to join our Award Winning group!

Runners-up in The IAM National Group Achievement Awards 2015

Why Join US?

We have been delivering advanced motorcycle courses in Derbyshire for over 30-years.  This means we have the necessary skills and experience to help you achieve your advanced rider qualification.

We enjoy a high pass rate – therefore you can train with us with confidence!

Training materials from IAM Roadsmart ensure you receive the best riding advice available.

IAM Roadsmart is the UK’s largest road safety charity, focussing solely on making better drivers and riders.

IAM Roadsmart is represented on all relevant road safety focus groups, and is the Government go-to organisation for independent road safety advice and guidance.

But why take an Advanced Test?

There are many reasons to try advanced riding. Maybe you’ve been riding a bike for some time and enjoy the pleasures of biking, open roads, freedom from traffic jams and public transport. You also know the pitfalls of riding in today’s busy traffic on poor quality roads.

Perhaps you have had a break from riding over the winter months or longer, and have decided that now is the time to get back on two wheels.

Whatever your circumstances, now is the time to re-think your riding style, strengths and where you can improve. The IAM Advanced test will raise your own riding standards and enjoyment.  You will learn how to get the best from both yourself and your bike.

Improved riding skills have a positive impact on other road users and help to improve the safety of yourself and those around you.

So how do I reach Test Standard?

IAM Derbyshire Advanced Motorcyclists will help you. We’ve all taken the IAM test and we will advise you on what to expect on the big day.

On joining our Group you will be allocated a Group Observer.  An Observer is an experienced group member who will help and guide you over a series of observed rides. An observed ride is friendly and relaxed.  It will be conducted along similar lines to a test. The ride will last anywhere between 1 to 2 hours or longer.  The ride will cover a variety of different roads from town riding, country lanes, fast A roads to motorways. Frequent breaks will be taken to provide you with immediate feedback. At the end of each ride, your observer will provide you with a thorough debrief, together with a training plan for future rides. You can then concentrate and practice your new skills before your next ride. These pointers will be reviewed when you next meet with your Observer.  This process will then continue until you are ready to take your test.

But can I pass?

Reaching the advanced standard is achievable by the vast majority of riders. You and your machine must be capable of reaching and maintaining the posted speed limit. You will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of IPSGA – the system of vehicle control, and the highway code.

All of our observers are volunteers who give up their time freely to help you reach the required standard. You will be expected to contribute towards your observers fuel costs. These are currently between £5-£15, which are agreed before each session.

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